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What lessons are offered online?

We offer lessons on guitar (electric, acoustic and bass), drums, piano, music production, songwriting and brass & woodwind instruments.

How can I get started with online lessons?

Once you've registered with us, you'll be contacted by a team member to help pair you with the teaching artists who best fits your needs.

How do online lessons work?

We use a customized Zoom platform that's simple to use. This is a secure video conferencing tool. Once you've been scheduled, you'll receive a link via email one to two hours before your lesson starts.

Do I need to create a Zoom account?

You don't need a Zoom account to get started with our online lessons.

Do I need to download anything?

No download is required to get started with online lessons, unless you are using a mobile device, in which case you will need to download the Zoom app.

What kind of equipment do I need to take an online lesson?

You will need a computer or mobile device with a microphone, camera and stable internet connection.

Do I need an instrument to take online lessons?

Until we re-open our in-store lessons, you will need to have an instrument (unless you're taking songwriting or production lessons). You can shop the world's greatest selections of gear at–dandanperformingarts, or give us a call and we'll help you find the instrument that's right for you.

Do I need anything else to take an online lesson?

We recommend having materials, such as a pencil, sheet music and metronome ready, if you have them. Prepare your room to be as well lit, quiet and distraction-free as possible. Adjust your webcam or mobile device so that your instrument is visible, with your speakers turned to a reasonable volume.

I did not receive my Zoom link for my online lesson. What can I do?

Email and we will work with your instructor to get your lesson rescheduled within 24 hours.

I had technical problems with my lesson. Will I lose my credit?

No, we will make sure to reschedule your lesson without penalty.

What can I expect at my first lesson?

Each teaching artists customizes lessons to ensure that you are learning what you like and having fun. Your instructor will start you slowly, introducing new concepts each week, plus give you exercises or easy songs to play to keep you learning at home.

What are the benefits of playing music?

Learning an instrument is an enriching and rewarding experience that creates lifelong benefits, including increased self-esteem and the boosting of memory. Additionally, benefits for school-age individuals can include improved coordination, the expanding of social skills, and higher scores in math, reading and language.

What is the difference between a 30-minute and a 60-minute lesson?

30-minute lessons allow young or beginner students to learn the basics of the instrument and start playing songs. 60-minute lessons are ideal for more advanced students looking to progress faster and focus on the finer points of technique.

How much time will my child need to practice between lessons?

This varies by age and the type of goals the student has set out to achieve. However, most new students usually spend 15-30 min. practicing daily, while advanced students can practice for an hour or more each day in-between lessons.

How will I be assigned a teaching artists?

We will work with you to determine your current skill level, stylistic interest and ambitions. We'll then help you choose a teaching artists who best suits your style and goals. If at any point, you'd like to change teaching artistsins, let us know. Our weekly monitoring of progress and wide-ranging curriculum means you can switch to any of our qualified teaching artists, or another instrument, without missing a beat.

How do you select your teaching artists?

We've carefully selected the most qualified and well-respected teaching artists-assuring a great fit for those who are just learning to play as well as those who want to advance their skills. Beyond having celebrated careers, our teaching artists are personable, patient, and well educated, often with advanced degrees in music from renowned music schools. All of our teaching artists are required to pass through detailed interview process and a background check.

Do you record the lesson?

Yes. We record all of our lessons for the safety of our students and teaching artists, and to monitor for quality control.

What do you do with our recorded lessons?

We only use the recordings for safety and quality monitoring purposes. Recordings will not be used for marketing purposes or any other use. We do not provide those recordings to anyone—students, instructors or the public. Only approved Guitar Center employee administrators have access to the recordings.

I've read a lot about "Zoombombing." Can that happen to our lessons?

A unique, password-protected link for every lesson—available only to the instructor and the student—is provided from a single, secure account. Only a teaching artists can start a lesson. Lessons are locked as soon as they start. The teaching artists is the only one who can share a screen and can immediately expel anyone, in the highly unlikely event an unwanted guest gets in.

How do you secure the recordings?

The recordings are encrypted and stored in a secured location that is only accessible by approved administrators.

How much are online lessons?

Pricing for online lessons is the same price as in-person lessons.

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

To cancel or reschedule a lesson at no cost, you must provide at least 24 hours prior written notice. We will reschedule your lesson subject to teaching artists availability. If you do not show up for a lesson or provide adequate notice, you will be charged for the missed lesson. Bona fide emergencies are handled on a case-by-case basis.

In-Person Lessons

How do I schedule my lessons?

Guitar Center Lessons students can view or modify an upcoming lesson with our exclusive online Lessons scheduler or by calling your Lessons location. The Lessons Scheduler is available in the My Account section.

What instruments do you teach?

We offer private one-on-one and group lessons for woodwinds, guitar, bass, drums, piano, vocals. We also offer lessons in, songwriting and music production classes for learning popular DAWs (digital audio workstations).

As a parent/guardian, do I need to remain in the studio while my child takes lessons?

An adult parent or guardian must accompany any student under 12 years of age upon arrival and departure from every lesson.

What is Dandan Performing Arts Center's curriculum?

Our flexible curriculum allows students of all skill levels to experience growth. We help create a foundational understanding of music theory through the style of music you want to play. Our teaching artists will work to understand your goals and passions, and make sure you are on the path to learning what you want at your own speed.

Lessons are ideal for music lovers that would like to take their musical journey to another level.

Expand your skills and broaden your horizon in a group setting.

Take your skills to the next level. Collaborate with like minded musicians. 

Check out the latest update from the Center. Our goal is to help everyone discover their musical gift.

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